It’s amazing what a colour change or fresh coat of paint will do to your house and you!

The team at Quality Painting Guaranteed Ltd are efficient, skilled and experienced in all aspects of painting. They always do thorough prep work, complete work to the highest standards, then leave clients’ premises clean and tidy when the job is completed. They can also work out an annual property care plan to keep your place looking great for years to come.

Exterior House Painting

A new coat of exterior paint is a fantastic way to improve your home, it’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your house a ‘facelift’. New paint protects your house from the elements and appeals to potential buyers if you’ve decided to sell.

Quality Painting Guaranteed Ltd take the utmost care at every stage of the painting process.


  • Waterblast all areas prior to painting
  • Scrape and sand with orbit sander to remove all loose paint
  • Punch all rusty nail heads
  • Remove all loose putty from windows and reputty


  • Wooden surfaces – to apply one coat of water base primer to all bare timber
  • Metal surfaces – to apply one coat of anticorrosive primer to bare or rusty surfaces

Finishing Coats

  • Will be bushed, rolled or sprayed

Coating System

  • Windows & all woodwork: 2 coats of Dulux X10 or Resene Enamarcyl
  • Walls: 2 coats of Resene Sonyx or Dulux X10
  • Handrails and Fences etc: Resene Lumbersider or Dulux

Interior House Painting

Painting a house’s interior is a far more delicate task than painting the exterior, Quality Painting Guaranteed Ltd have years of experience painting interiors and understand that changing your home’s interior paint can completely change the feel of a room.

When you hire them to paint your home’s internal walls, they will always deliver quality results.

  • All areas with grease and mould will be washed with sugar soap and mould treated before painting
  • Painted woodwork will be scraped and sanded then filled with appropriate filler
  • Walls will be sanded and then filled with appropriate filler, including all holes
  • All gaps will be filled with appropriate filler.
  • Interior will be brushed rolled or spraypainted using only Resene, Dulux, Taubmans or Wattyl paints unless specified by client.


When hung by professionals, wallpaper can add a glamorous and unique design element to your home, either to a whole room or for a stylish feature wall.

Call the team at Quality Painting Guaranteed Ltd to apply wallpaper to your home, office or commercial space. They have hung wallpaper hundreds of times and can remove old wallpaper and hang new wallpaper free from bubbles or tears and will always line the pattern up perfectly for an outstanding result.

Preparation for wallpapering will be explained when providing quotation as this really depends on what type of wall surfaces you’ve got.

Spray Painting

Spray painting is an alternative to painting with brushes and rollers, delivering paint via an electric high pressure pump. It is great option under the right conditions and depending on the space in question. Quality Painting Guaranteed Ltd have extensive spray painting experience and use top quality airless spray machines.

Spray painting requires more prep work to protect and mask surrounding areas but it can be done in a shorter time frame and can also deliver more paint at a time so requires less coats.